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Make your alarm contactless. Use an app!

If you have multiple people in your home or business that need to use your alarm system or interact with light switches, thermostats, and other items you can reduce contact points by having people use their own phone! An app added to your alarm/security system or automation system makes everything better. Avoid contact points, get notifications, have control while you are away.

AVX can convert your existing systems to be contactless and to use an app and it won’t break the bank!


Door locks
Garage Doors
Landscape Lights
Light Switches
and MORE!

Chrome Remote Desktop provides remote access and support for nearly all devices

There are plenty of options out there today to let you remote into your computer remotely. Traditionally there had been many ways to do that for free. While that was true for years, today nearly all now make you pay a monthly or annual fee for that ability. There are still some free alternatives. One of those comes from Google. It is called Chrome Remote Desktop.  To learn more about it from Google directly, click here.

Chrome Remote Desktop also brings this capability to a Chromebook!  It is the primary option for providing support for a Chromebook since Chromebooks do not run programs like a Mac or PC would.  It also does not support Java.

Need to know how to install or use Chrome Remote Desktop?  Google provides all the information you need.  We have a page with screenshots of the steps for both installing and using Chrome Remote Desktop for remote support.

Need help?  AVX can help you in installing it on both devices and quickly getting you going.

Introducing Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers an alternative to Zoom and a great way to work with others. You can do video conferencing and more collaboration including sharing files and chatting. You might call it Skype on steroids. This solution is great for schools and just about any other group need.

Click here to learn more!

Zoom “bombing”… Are you practicing smart computing?

Zoom has been a popular video conferencing system with many uses. Prior to the coronavirus, it was used by many schools and businesses. Fast forward and its use has grown exponentially.

Just like every technology, there are risks involved with using Zoom. As of this writing, many outlets are discouraging the use of Zoom and for many to switch to other more inherently safer services like Microsoft Teams. There are many ways to practice smarter Zooming and to reduce the risks. There are also many other services and means to do the same thing that Zoom does. Regardless, the same safety practices apply to any and all of these services.

This NPR story talks about the dark side of Zoom and hijackings similar to what was seen with Ring and other technologies. No technology is perfectly safe. You can reduce your risks by taking the proper precautions.

Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365

Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365 automatically on April 21, 2020. For those subscribed to Office 365, the change will happen automatically. You should have already received an email.

If you don’t currently have a subscription, now is a great time to find out more about what Microsoft has to offer. Your subscription can include the Microsoft suite of applications that were part of Office, and now more. Whatever your needs, a plan is available for you.

Cleaning your “high touch” interfaces/devices

These instructions come from our friends at URC. URC has put out some information about what to use and what not to use on their interfaces. The same concepts apply to other brands of remote controls, touch screens, and things like your smartphone.

Check it out

CDC COVID-19 Clean & Disinfect Info

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has great information available to keep you in the know regarding COVID-19 aka Coronavirus Disease 2019.  One page that you will want to check out is their page on Clean & Disinfect.  It explains the novel coronavirus and guidance and recommendations for cleaning and disinfection for households.  They even provide descriptions of what cleaning and disinfecting refer to.  There are also links to EPA-registered disinfectants.  Another link is to the OSHA COVID-19 website.  I would explain or include more hear but I want their information to speak for itself.  Check our upcoming FAQs for more specifics that deal with technology and what are being called high touch items in your home, business, and vehicle.

Here is the link to the CDC Clean & Disinfect page