Chrome Remote Desktop provides remote access and support for nearly all devices

There are plenty of options out there today to let you remote into your computer remotely. Traditionally there had been many ways to do that for free. While that was true for years, today nearly all now make you pay a monthly or annual fee for that ability. There are still some free alternatives. One of those comes from Google. It is called Chrome Remote Desktop.  To learn more about it from Google directly, click here.

Chrome Remote Desktop also brings this capability to a Chromebook!  It is the primary option for providing support for a Chromebook since Chromebooks do not run programs like a Mac or PC would.  It also does not support Java.

Need to know how to install or use Chrome Remote Desktop?  Google provides all the information you need.  We have a page with screenshots of the steps for both installing and using Chrome Remote Desktop for remote support.

Need help?  AVX can help you in installing it on both devices and quickly getting you going.