Cellular Signal Boosters

Do you have a poor cell phone signal in your home or business? If so, there is something that can be done!
Most carriers (the folks that provide your cell phone service) offers a little box called a network extender (or booster) that can help give you better coverage. Think of this piece as a tiny cell tower. There is an antenna it uses to connect to the nearest cellular tower along with an antenna used for you and several other devices to be able to connect to the extender and a connection to your Internet. They generally cost about $250 and are available from your carrier. Do they work? Yes. However, they are only as good as the signal you can get to the unit and are limited to allowing just a few devices to connect at once that are fairly near the unit. It you have a large home do not expect that it will work everywhere. You may need several units.
While these pieces are designed to be self installed by you, AVX can help you with the proper setup and installation of these devices. AVX also offers professional design and installation of more advanced cell phone boosters that can give you a strong signal for your entire home or business.

AVX is proud to offer products from SureCall and to be a SureCall partner.
Kits starting at as little as $500.