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Is there a dial tone if you hit the Hook button or pick up the handset? If so, can you dial a number, like your cell phone and does it ring? If so, it is working properly. Do you hear noises on the line? If so, the quality of the line may be the problem. If you have POTS service, there may be an issue with the wiring coming into your home, business, out at the connection from the street, or at a CO (Central Office). Your provider will need to be contacted. If you are an AVX customer, we generally do that for you after testing the line both at the jack and at what is called the Demarc (this is the point of demarcation coming into the building up to where the provider is generally responsible). If you aren’t an AVX customer, and you do not have a current vendor that can assist you, we can help or you can call the provider yourself. If there isn’t a dial tone, what would be checked next will depend on the phone service/provider that you have. If you have a cable provider, their modem provides the VOIP like line/service. Generally, there is a light to indicate if the line/service is working on their modem. Check there first. If you have a plain phone you can plug in directly to the modem, you can check it there. There are many other issues/symptoms and rather than getting more technical and going through that list, we recommend that you reach out to your phone system vendor or whoever helps you with those things or to contact your provider. If you are an AVX customer, call us first. If you don’t know who to call and are not a current AVX customer, we would be honored to assist you with this or other needs you may have.
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