If you have waited a bit already and it isn’t obvious that an update is happening, shut down the computer.  To do so, hold in the power button until the computer completely shuts off (powers down).  Suggesting one full minute holding the power button in.  Once it is powered down, go ahead and press the power button again to turn the computer back on and see if it loads up properly now.

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Commonly if some devices can connect but others can’t, you should power cycle your router and see if that resolves your issue.

Early on there were many browsers and some loaded certain sites/pages better than others.  Up until a few years ago, things were more settled in and you really only needed one browser.  For business, that was often Internet Explorer (IE).  If you didn’t need certain abilities that IE could do, you may have preferred FireFox, Google Chrome, or Safari (For you Mac folks).  In more recent times (the last year or so), a single browser hasn’t been able to handle all of your needs.  We are somewhat back to where we were years ago.  You should always have more than one browser regardless because if one stops working, you can use another to help resolve your issues or at least still be able to work.

You should try another browser (if you don’t have another, install one).  If the page loads properly in that browser, you may need to start using that browser for more sites.  If it doesn’t work in multiple browsers, the site could be the issue (or down).  It could also be a firewall or computer issue.  Try another computer or device and see what happens.

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